photo by Michelle Jones

The Wolves in the Woods

photo by Michelle Jones

 My family has a cabin on the Sunshine Coast. It sits in a little bay with a farm behind it. There are woods to the left of the bay. A month ago my parents decided to spend a weekend there by themselves. My mother was sitting outside by the fire pit while my dad walked up the hill to get something from his vehicle. When all of a sudden they started to hear the yipping of a pack of wolves heading along the left side of the bay to the creek that runs alongside their cabin. My mother will admit her first instinct was to go inside the cabin. My father on the other hand had a much different reaction. He could not contain his excitement when he heard them, armed only with a pen light that was on his key chain he ran into the woods to see them. The woods were dark and his pen light was not strong enough to see them. Eventually the wolves had enough to drink and my parents could hear them yipping to each other as they left the bay.

This of course was very exciting for both my parents. They shared the story many times with us.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. My whole family decided to head out to the cabin one night for a weiner roast with all the kids. Benny my young nephew who is pictured above was very nervous about the wolves. He kept close to his family and didn’t dare venture close to the creek. Eventually he walked over to my father and said “Grandpa we need some bricks.” My father says he said this to him many times and my father didn’t make the connection. As my parents continued to tell me about Benny insisting on bricks I couldn’t help but smile.

Benny’s preschool had been talking about the story of the Three Little Pigs. He had connected the yipping wolves in the woods with the big bad wolf.  I loved this story!! It speaks to the power of a story, a child’s imagination and the value of an ordinary moment in a  preschool and how its effects can run deep.

As many of you return to your centres and/or classrooms after Winter Break remember that what you do is important. A simple gesture,song or story told can be a very powerful experience for a child and have effects you may never know about.

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Danielle is an Early Childhood Educator,blogger, self admitted ECE geek, Preschool teacher, Mother and project coordinator for The Images of Learning Project. These days she juggles presenting, conference calls and blogging with playing with her daughter and nursing her son. She looks forward to the day where she can once again finish her morning coffee.

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    1. Thanks Sarah, thats what I loved about this story. We don’t usually get to hear where a story might go outside of the walls of our classrooms and programs.

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