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Can I Get a Hallelujah!


Sometimes you just know that some practice that has been handed down from generation to generation just has to go. You know it in your heart of hearts….. but some still hold dear to that practice. So not having the words yet to articulate why it needs to go you begrudgingly put up with it.

Then a rock star in your field says something at a conference that gives you the courage and conviction to finally confront that practice.

Like Bev Bos who once said at a conference “Rip those alphabets off of your walls.” That is all I needed to broach the subject with my colleagues at the centre.

I had one of those moments today. I was at the amazing “Journeys of Possibilities Conference”. Lillian Katz was at the podium delivering her keynote address. She said “Do you know the calendar ritual? Do you do that here in Canada?”  Some moans came from the audience and knowing nods.

She spoke of visiting a class where the children sat around a commercial large print calendar and counted out the days, counted and clapped out the syllables in the word calendar and sang the calendar songs. Lillian spoke of quietly sitting there listening to this ritual. At the end of the ritual Lillian asked if she could ask a question. The teacher said of course. “Can anybody tell me what a week is?”

A little girl piped up “it’s short for weekend”.

Then Lillian said it:

“Look unless you are paying the bills or worrying about getting pregnant you don’t need it.”

Once we stopped laughing she continued. “Look Children will learn when they learn. You don’t need to take up 25 minutes of their day with this.”

All I could think at that time was “Can I get a Hallelujah!”

Thank you Lillian!