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Real Stuff: The Dough Edition

There is something about real dough, especially bread dough. When I bake a loaf of bread I feel I have accomplished something . The act of kneading the dough is my favorite part, its like meditating.  I loose myself in the process of making bread.

Last week the children baked pizza from scratch for their father’s. We practiced making dough a couple weeks ago. I showed them how to knead bread by pulling one side over with their fingers and pressing it down with the palm of their hand. The children really enjoyed this process. So much so that when we made the dough for our father’s day party I had children who kneaded the dough for a long time. I watched as they poked the dough and watched it spring back with delight. This is the thing about real dough it reacts. It springs, it rises, it gets hard and crusty on the outside and soft and bubbly on the inside.

I made play dough this week thinking the children would enjoy kneading it, poking it, etc…. but here is the thing about play dough it doesn’t react. It does not spring back, rise, get bubbly etc…. I did not colour this batch, I don’t usually.The children got excited when they saw the dough initially but without the reaction it seemed to loose its appeal.  So now I find myself wondering why do we always have play dough? Just like real tools, maybe children appreciate the realness of a dough that reacts.