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Weekend Links

You may have stopped by the site recently and it looked completely different and then it went back to the normal format. You may have noticed some new features, like threaded commenting, spam prevention and author bios. Well my partner got me a couple books on wordpress and I have been playing ever since.  So if you stop by and the page changes don’t worry I am just having fun.

We also have a lot of dates coming up. I will be adding them to the calendar shortly.

Weekend Links

10 Ideas for Outdoor Rainy Day Play ~ Let the Children Play

Marvelous Mud ~ an article by Rusty Keeler. The pictures in this article make me want to start a mud pit in my backyard!

Our May Ways of the Three Little Pigs ~ StrongStart

The Wolves in the Walls ~ Chapters, one of my favourite books to read with children. It was the most read book on the book shelf. If I tried to put it away the children asked me to get it out again. They acted this story out a lot as well.

So like many others out there I am addicted to pinterest. Come and find me there.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.