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Let in the Wonder

This morning we woke up to snow falling. It was marvellous. Let me explain snow and Victoria for those who are not familiar with this area. It snows if you’re lucky a handful of days in the year. It doesn’t stay cold enough usually for it to last longer then a day or two. For instance there has actually been snow on the ground when I woke up the last couple of days, by noon though its gone. This morning though there was a lovely thick blanket of snow on the ground and the large fluffy flakes falling from the sky. It was beautiful.

Do you know what was even more beautiful? Watching my daughter look out the window with absolute wonder. She was awestruck. It was so amazing to watch I didn’t even grab my camera. I just watched her in silence.

The thing about snow is it brings the wonder out in me. I don’t see if very often. Its not part of my daily life.  When at preschool I am the one building snowmen, snow forts and snow angels. I lie down with the kids and watch the flakes fall.


When a snow day was called I would still go out. Snow brings a silence and stillness to the world that is like no other. It covers the world in a blanket of beauty and everything sparkles.  Like Kim said in her post Playfulness snow brings out the playfulness in everyone.

Me and my bestie on a snow day.

When it snows my friends and I go out and play. Like play dates for adults. I don’t know if snow was a more regular thing in Victoria if this would always be the case. If we would take snow for granted but for now we play and let the wonder in.

 Well I must go! Going to have a snow ball fight with my friends and make snow angels with my daughter.  Wishing all my preschool friends the joyful wonder that snow brings!

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Danielle is an Early Childhood Educator,blogger, self admitted ECE geek, Preschool teacher, Mother and project coordinator for The Images of Learning Project. These days she juggles presenting, conference calls and blogging with playing with her daughter and nursing her son. She looks forward to the day where she can once again finish her morning coffee.

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