Kid Solutions

IMG_5268 copyThree boys are playing soccer. There are rules, but I can’t quite follow them. Three hoops on the grass serve as goals, and so does the fence. It seems one must run to the fence, and then to the hoops…..but I might have it all wrong. Teams are nebulous, fluid, as is the score.

Eventually two of the boys are wrestling in the grass. One is on top of the other and shouts to the third “I’ve got him! Score now!”

But quickly there are tears, one of the wrestlers is hurt. Whether it is hurt pride, hurt feelings, or physical hurt isn’t clear. A teacher responds, asking one of the wrestlers what can be done to make the hurt wrestler feel better. The wrestler thinks for a bit and says “I could tell him a joke?!”

Which he does. The hurt wrester immediately feels better, and the soccer game continues.

 Kid solutions are sometimes so much better than adult solutions.

About Kim

Kim is an admitted ECE geek. She and Danielle have bonded over their shared geekdom and have come to terms with it. She is a pedagogical facilitator working with educators in a number of early learning settings supporting and extending new thinking and practice. She loves reading, writing, talking and sharing ideas about the potentials of teaching and learning with ece's and young children. ECE geeks unite!

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