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Jeff and Pickle and Pepper

Joseph told me all about Jeff and Pickle and Pepper as he sat beside the swings. He said he was pretending to be at school waiting for his friends, his imaginary friends. They were coming soon and then they would all play together. Oh.. he had real friends too, Mischa, and Ayla, and they were real, yup, they were. Jeff and Pickle and Pepper were pretend, but you could pretend they were real. They lived in a shed and tore down the spider webs. They were all 4 like him except Jeff who was 20. Joseph had been to their birthday parties so he knew.

I loved hearing about Joseph’s imaginary friends and shared the tale with another educator. She too loved it, but then observed that when she was a child no one had an imaginary friend, it was unheard of. Come to think of it , no one had an imaginary friend when I was a child either.

So what’s that about? Were we just a couple of unimaginative kids? Or were we discouraged from that kind of fantasy?  I don’t know why, but I’m certainly glad I get to hear about them now.

Did you have imaginary friends?

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Kim is an admitted ECE geek. She and Danielle have bonded over their shared geekdom and have come to terms with it. She is a pedagogical facilitator working with educators in a number of early learning settings supporting and extending new thinking and practice. She loves reading, writing, talking and sharing ideas about the potentials of teaching and learning with ece's and young children. ECE geeks unite!

2 thoughts on “Jeff and Pickle and Pepper

  1. No imaginary friends? I had an imaginary family who lived in Seattle. I used to drive to Seattle (my car was the space between the fridge and stove) and talk to my imaginary kids, husband and dog. My daughter had an imaginary friend called Joey, who was described as a “tiny magical mouse ghost”. One of my grandsons (a 2.5 year old twin) has an imaginary friend who he says likes to wear lip balm. Maybe our family has the “imaginary friend gene”!

  2. You certainly do have the gene! Love the car in the tiny space.
    My son had an imaginary friend as well, his name was Tom and he lived in the upstairs closet. Tom had an large family and many adventures, including getting run over by a car and getting completely flattened. But not to worry, he was pumped up again and continued with adventures! But no imaginary friends in my childhood, none that anyone confessed to anyway.

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