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Dancing in the Ordinary Moments


Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!


A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with Branden the gentleman pictured above. He was a university student who worked in our out of school care program. Branden was also a dancer. When he ended up subbing in our preschool program for a month I asked him if wanted to do a weekly dance lesson with the group. He said of course. It was the highlight of many of the children’s week. We had one little girl who came decked out in her body suit and tutu on Dance days. Branden had a natural way of being with the children. He met the children at their level, wherever that may be.

One day while I was working in the Day care I looked out the window to see the above interaction happening. Isla wanted to know how to dance and she asked Branden if he would teach her. I immediately grabbed my camera and took a few shots. Isla was so full of joy as he walked her through the steps. Branden was so patient and soft spoken. They danced like that for a while.

Isla was so pleased with herself after they were done.

This interaction was one of those examples of an adult following a child’s lead and supporting their desire to learn something new. It was an example of an adult sharing a love dance with a child.  It is also the story of touch. How touch connects us, sometimes in the simplest and purest interactions.

For some reason this weekend when I was in my grandfather’s hospital room, realizing again the power of touch, this moment between Isla and Branden played in my head.  I am not sure why. Maybe simply because it was a beautiful moment. Maybe because when it happened a tear did slip from my eye as the thought “My grandparents would love this.” popped into my head. Maybe because Branden understood the power of touch more then anyone.  Branden was one of those rare men in childcare who understood a hug, a hand to hold or a friend for dancing with was a powerful thing.


Weekend Links


Weekend Links

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It is winter break here on the West Coast and its green. I even have flowers on a tree in my front yard. Lovely living on the “Green” Coast! Have a great weekend!