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Danielle and I with the wonderful women of Victoria CCRR

Thanks CCRR!


Danielle and I with the wonderful women of Victoria CCRR

What a tremendous evening! Victoria Child Care Resource and Referral (CCRR) hosted an open house for The Images Of Learning Project exhibit this past Wednesday.  Seventy people came to enjoy fabulous cheese platters, plates of beautiful desserts (I am hoping they came to see the exhibit and not just to eat!) and to read and reflect on the exhibit.

Two centres came with all of their staff to the open house, and then went for dinner afterwards to reflect together on it. One college instructor brought a group of students, and then they gathered to talk afterwards. People told us they were inspired and provoked. Some people came for a quick look, others lingered for a long time. This is what we hoped for, what we dreamed of, that the exhibit would engage people, get people thinking, discussing, and reflecting.

 Many thanks to Belinda Macey and the wonderful women at CCRR  for giving us the opportunity to share the exhibit locally. And thanks to all who came. Please keep the dialogue going!




Danielle and I travelled to Nanaimo last week to meet with the educators from Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Vancouver Island. Facilitating workshops for educators who all work together is always great, and this was no exception!

We presented Images of Learning Project: Using Pedagogical Narrations and Reflective Practice to Enrich Your Practice and the conversations flowed. Dialogues about mess, about risk, and gun play were lively… educator exclaimed that she had an epiphany!

We then presented our workshop on materials and environments, including a chance for everyone to make their own provocations.





We had a great time doing a visioning exercise in which educators think about what they would like to change in their environments. Great ideas were generated, from organic gardens to having chickens, to a mud pit. We have heard that in the following week educators added driftwood and pine cones to the block centre and strawberrries were planted…..if this is what they did in one week, imagine what will happen in a year! We look forward to finding out.

Thanks to Sarah and all the Boys and Girls Club educators for a wonderful day.


Prince George

 This past weekend Kim and I traveled to Prince George. It was a fantastic trip and we were so well taken care of by the ECE community there. They drove us around, arranged for dinner plans and took us shopping for supplies our presentation.

We were thrilled to have dinner with members of the 2011 Leadership cohort Meaghan and Lyndsay. We were excited to hear how their project was going. They shared where they were at with their project, what successes they have had, what challenges they faced and their next steps. Kim and I shared some stories of our own learning with building the exhibit and things we learned through our journey with the Leadership Inniative.

The following day Lyndsay was kind enough to pick us up from our hotel and drive us to the venue where we would facilitating workshops for the day. We busily got to work putting together provocations for the Educators participating in the days workshops.

provocations and materials that greeted educators. These were all purchased at a dollar store in their community. Again things we found at the dollar store. I would love to see these materials on a projector.

We presented our workshop Images of Learning Project: Using Pedagogical Narrations and Reflective Practice to enrich your practice. Particpants engaged in lively dialogue about rules, ordinary moments and loose parts. The dialogue continued into lunch as we sat with the lovely Educators of Prince George and shared stories from the floor.

The afternoon we focused on Materials and environments. We challenged the particpants to a “Play Fire Challenge” We gave groups of four five minutes to create an invitation for the children. It was fun watching them create these wondeful provocations.

Educators rushing to materials table.

The beginning of a provocation.


Putting together a provocation.






Beautiful provocations were created as you can see. Wonderful dialogue occured and plans for the future were made. We had such a great time with the educators of Prince George and we hope that we are able to go back soon.

A big Thank you to Christine and Cheryl for taking such good care of us and for inviting us into their community.


Children the Heart of the Matter

 This past weekend Kim and I took part in the Children the Heart of the Matter Conference in Surrey. This has become one of my favourite events to attend every year. I feel like I am going to visit old friends when I return to Surrey. We met most of the ladies who put on this event in the last two years and they always make us feel so welcome, like we are part of their big group of passionate educators.

The other thing I love about Surrey is whenever we facilitate a workshop the dialogue that happens is always lively and exciting. Kim and I presented our workshop Images of Learning; Enriching your practice with Pedagogical Narrations and Reflective Practice.  Participants shared their successes and challenges with implementing documentation into their practice. We left the workshop energized from the educators ideas and excitement.

Another exciting thing that happened was an educator who attended a workshop we facilitated last fall came to tell us what she has been up to since. She decided to open her own centre and has done so with a strong vision for what she wants for children. She also decided to start a blog to share her journey with parents and other educators. Please go and check out Jolene’s Blog The Perfection of Harmony. She also started a facebook page for the Blog and Centre so please take a minute to go over and become a fan. Jolene is already doing some amazing things and I can’t wait to see what else she does.

Thank you to all the women of Surrey for hosting an amazing event. We were honoured that you allowed us to be a part of it.