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Environment and Materials

Images of Design Material Resources

The Environment Is a Teacher  Karen Callaghan

Loose Parts, What does this mean?

Planning  Environments Deb Curtis

Rethinking the Colorful Kindergarten Classroom  New York Times article on simplifying environments

Professional Learning

Brene Brown TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability  This is her first talk you must first watch this to appreciate her absolute brilliance in her second talk.

Beyond the Two Hour Workshop  Kim Atkinson

Here is a keynote by Lillian Katz at the World Forum


Seeing Meaning by Barry Goldberg….This article will change the way you look at and talk about children’s art.

Still Nothing  Danielle’s narration

Artist at the Centre posts wonderful articles.

Fragile Moments  Carol Anne Wein

Everything in My Hand by Kim Atkinson

Issues In Education

Rethinking our Image of a Child  Kim Atkinson

 A Child’s Work; The Importance of Fantasy Play Vivian Gussin Paley  (Any of her books is an excellent resource!)

From Policing to Participating  Carol Anne Wien

Is It worth the Risk? Kim Atkinson

Radical Education and the Common School Reviewed by Kim Atkinson

An Unapologetic Rant  Kim’s rant on the pressure for school readiness.

What Kind of Educator’s are we allowed to beDanielle’s rant on outside sources making decisions about our programs.

 Why preschools should not be like schools  Alison Gopnik

Nurturing the enthusiasm and ideals of new teachers through reflective practice  Karyn Callaghan

 Gun Play

An on-going exploration of uncertainty- Ethical identities  Kim Atkinson,  Enid Elliot

Good Guys and Bad Guys What is our responsibility? Kim Atkinson

 Bang Bang, Gun play and Why Children Need It  Diane Rich

Pedagogical Narration

Pedagogical Narration: What’s it all about? Kim Atkinson

Learning to Document in Reggio Inspired Education Carol Anne Wien, Victoria Guyevskey and Noula Berdoussis.

Pedagogy Of Listening

Listening to Children Kim Atkinson

LIstening With an Ethical Presence Kim Atkinson


Queering  Home Corner Affrica Taylor Carmel Richardson

Princesses and Pirates  Kim Atkinson


An article that Kim wrote about our experience building the exhibit for ECEBC Journal The Images of Learning Project; Finding our Voice through Leadership

Iris Berger wrote an excellent article  called Broadening The Notions of Early Literacy

 puddle jumping an article by Kim on the joys of a puddle

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