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The Images of Learning Project is the passionate project of Kim Atkinson and Danielle Davis. The two of us had a big idea, to create an exhibit using pedagogical narrations to show the amazing important work early childhood educators (ECEs) are engaged in daily with children, and to demonstrate how capable, thoughtful and creative children are.

The result is a series of large free standing panels that have photos, illustrations and dialogue that visually demonstrate the many ways children express themselves. The voices of ECEs weave throughout, questioning, celebrating and listening.

We invite viewers to interact and leave ‘traces’ of their understanding by adding thoughts to the ‘Freedom Tower’ and the Book of Self Portraits.

Our vision is to take the exhibit ‘on the road’ to communities around the province. We want to invite ECEs, administrators, teachers, policy makers and academics to gather, discuss and reflect together, sharing perspectives and knowledge.

One or both of us always travels with the exhibit. We also offer presentations expanding on the ideas of the exhibit. We discuss the image of the child as a protagonist in their own learning and how we embedded pedagogical narrations into our practice. We also present workshops on creating environments that provoke new thinking and act as “the third teacher” as Loris Malaguzzi so famously put it.

Please contact us if your community is interested in hosting the Images of Learning Project.

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