Somewhere in between venues, workshops, business lunches, diaper changes, preschool sessions we became bloggers. We were fans of blogs like Let the Children Play , Teacher Tom and others for a while. When our graphic designer had suggested we attach a blog to our website we were excited but nervous. At times the posts came easily, other times it was a struggle but we found our voice and embraced blogging.

This blog has become a labour of love, more importantly it has become a place to continue the dialogue with the ECE community. We feel honoured everytime you visit and we enjoy the questions and thoughts you share with us through the blog. So please feel free to comment, share your thoughts and ideas and keep the dialogue going.

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  1. Hi Kim! I have been enjoying reading your blog, learning through your articles and getting to know of your career path…..since growing up in the same Cascade Heights neighbourhood with you and carpooling together to SFU! Way to go Kim!

    Sue W. first told me about your blog and I was just now directed to one of your documentation articles through twitter.
    I work in the West Van School District, teaching and living on Bowen Island now. I have been very inspired by the Bowen Children’s Centre and through their example, I have been “shaking up” my kindergarten classroom. No more busy, bright bulletin boards or crafts dangling from the ceiling! Instead, we have brown bulletin boards with much simpler displays, lots of wicker and natural materials and I am trying my best to work on documentation, while taking advantage of the amazing natural environment surrounding our school.
    Alongside a teaching colleague, we are presently working with an innovation grant, bringing some Reggio approaches into our classrooms and consulting with mentor, Bev Superle.
    I am wondering if you ever present in the Lowere Mainland Kim, as I would love to attend one of your sessions!
    Looking forward to reconnecting with you Kim, Heather Stephens (McCallum)

    1. Hi Heather, What a lovely surprise to hear from you! My goodness, that was a long time ago….
      Great to hear about your work, Bev is a wonderful mentor. My colleague Danielle and I present in Vancouver fairly regularly, the next time will be in May at the ECEBC conference in Richmond. We also work with school districts facilitating long term professional learning on pedagogical narrations, critically reflective practice, environments and materials. We are always happy to present workshops to teachers and ECE’s and would love to come to Bowen Island (or West Van).
      It would be so wonderful to connect with you!! Thanks for perusing our blog, I’m sorry it took so long to reply, I clearly don’t check these messages often enough!
      Wow, just thinking how long it has been since we’ve seen one another….you were pregnant with your first child……28-29 years!?


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