A Love Letter to my Family

“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.” 

Anthony Brandt

Some may have noticed I took a bit of a break from the Blog and Facebook this past week. I didn’t intend too, I work , through every life event. As Kim jokes shortly after giving birth to Helaina I started designing this website. In the past year I have balanced work with newborns, renovations and travel.  So last week when life threw my family a massive curve ball I figured something new to learn to balance. I quickly realized this event would not allow for balance, it would consume our lives and it was our job to survive.

As hard as this past week was, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of my family. I had moments of overwhelming pride as I watched them deal with what life was  throwing at us. I found myself reflecting on our life, the things my family has taught me  and how I am the person,  educator,  advocate and parent I am because of them.

I am connected to nature because of my dad. My skills in the kitchen and my ability to stay calm under pressure is because of my mother. My ability to nurture and mother is thanks to my little sisters. My brother in laws and husband have taught me how adventurous boys are and because of them I have a new found respect for adventure  in the classroom. My nieces, nephews and daughter have taught me about unconditional love and remind me every day just how capable children are.  As a family we laugh together and we find joy in each others smiles.

This week we held hands, we cried together, we laughed together, we listened to things we just couldn’t understand and then we tried to understand them.  Through all the chaos of the past week we supported each other but most importantly we loved each other.

“Families are about love overcoming emotional torture.”

Matt Groening

About Danielle

Danielle is an Early Childhood Educator,blogger, self admitted ECE geek, Preschool teacher, Mother and project coordinator for The Images of Learning Project. These days she juggles presenting, conference calls and blogging with playing with her daughter and nursing her son. She looks forward to the day where she can once again finish her morning coffee.

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